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Here are some thoughts on software that can help you launch your twitter campaign.  There are reasons why great software is created and usually it is to make your job easier to perform.  Here are some idea’s on how to improve your experience entering the Twitter arena with a campaign that works, and get’s you results.   Nice job with a couple good suggestions. 


May 21, 2014

Your online marketing strategy isn’t complete without the intelligent utilization of social media. Unless you want to spend hours online every day, you need to find the perfect Twitter marketing software to leverage your time to dramatically improve the exposure of your business on social media. If you find a few good pieces of software and use them right, you can easily build a loyal group of followers that will help you better market to potential customers.

Why Use Twitter Marketing Software At All?

The biggest benefit of using marketing software with Twitter is that it can ease the traditionally lengthy process of building followers. This also means that you can establish your brand faster because the more followers you have, the more social proof you will have with your potential clients.

At least 10% of Twitter accounts are fake in some way, but even if not all of your followers are real people, the social proof that you gain from having them following you will definitely make an impact and ease your future for your marketing efforts. It doesn’t matter if you use Twitter marketing software or not, you will likely reach a very similar destination. The only benefit is that you reach the destination faster if you use the software packages below.

Tweet Adder
tweet-adderThis is one of the long standing Twitter marketing programs out there. It can save you tons of time by helping you complete basic, monotonous tasks faster with only a few clicks. For example, you can set up your tweets on a schedule for the next month or more, so that you don’t have to log in multiple times per day. You can also program your tweets to be posted at varying intervals, so that it doesn’t look strange to your followers.

Another great feature is the ability to automatically follow people who post a specific word or phrase. This can help you follow customers who complain about another company in your industry, or who just ask about your product. The possibilities are endless.

It can be quite expensive at around $188, but for many it is worth every penny as it saves you hours per week if used correctly.

Tweet Deck
tweetdeckThis is used by millions of Twitter users to interact with their followers, follow others in the same niche, and build connections. You will be able to keep your followers’ attention and engage them with fun, informative, and interesting posts, while also staying on top of everything else that is going on in the Twittersphere. While this software also has a scheduling feature, it isn’t as helpful as the one offered by Tweet Adder.

The big benefit of this tool is that it’s free, and it lets you do everything that Tweet Adder doesn’t do, like respond to specific people. While it might not save you time from checking Twitter, it will make your Twitter experience much more productive, so it’s worth keeping in your arsenal.

Tweet Whistle
tweet-whistleThis program tracks down users based on their location, their tweets, and by who they follow. You can use it to send tweets from other Twitter feeds, an RSS feed, and even from direct messages on Twitter. It also allows you to delete users who are not following you. It also has a scheduling feature like Tweet Adder, but at $40 is much more affordable. Think of this piece of software as a more bare-bones Tweet Adder.

If you are getting ready to start a major Twitter marketing campaign, then you need TweetDeck to stay sane when you’re on Twitter. If you have the budget, TweetAdder is the way to go for your automated marketing efforts, but at $188 you might want to downgrade to Tweet Whistle if you want similar results but without some of the more advanced features of Tweet Adder.

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