New CrowdStrike Racing Website

New updated website created by The Page Group, CoForce, and the internal team at CrowdStrike for CrowdStrike Racing…check it out.


The Page Group is excited to introduce the new CrowdStrike Racing Website

As we return to racing following these initial stages of Covid 19, The Page Group has been actively engaged in finding new ways of activation for our clients CrowdStrike and AWS to keep their connections with their CXO guests as well as broaden the engagement of the internal staffs of both organizations.   In doing so several things are happening which we will announce over the coming weeks.

The first is the announcement that the New CrowdStrike Racing Website is now launched and up and running.

We are thrilled to have lead the ideation and development of this new web experience that brings together so many of the activation, marketing, and event planning strategies into one platform for ease of use, and access by our guests as well as our fans.   One key component of this website involved a lot of planning into the integration of content and the overall strategy to reduce the email contacts required to host these events and combine it into one platform that allows our invited guests behind the scenes of SRO Motorsports and CrowdStrike Racing in this new Virtual World.   A whole new access only CXO event portal hosts the rich content for each CXO event weekend.

Additionally we worked hard to increase the overall awareness of the CrowdStrike Brand and its connection with Motorsports.  This ranges from their sponsorship of F1’s Mercedes Petronas Race team; to the amazing CXO programs and sponsorship within SRO GT World Challenge; to backgrounders on Team, drivers, and equipment; photo and video galleries; Press and social media;, and so much more.

Check it out and enjoy as we will update with each race weekend to keep you informed on the progress and success of this very dynamic branding and technology focused platform.




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