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August 22, 2014


Attributing Sales to Marketing
Miles Jennings
Founder and CEO,
The Definitive Guide to Social Marketing:
Learn how to add social to every marketing activity resulting in increased buyer engagement, new business, and revenue. Check out this 82 page guide:

Thanks for joining us here with the CMO Network this week! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the end of summer. Below are the latest CMO updates:

Marketing reports and whitepapers:

– Earn Your MBA or Mini MBA in Internet Marketing 100% Online –
– Definitive Guide to Engaging Email Marketing –
– At the Speed of Life: Fortune 500 CMOs Share their Priorities and Challenges –
– How to Protect Your Brand in Social Media –
– Five Lies Every CMO Should Know About Going Mobile –
– 3 Ways the New Generation of Video Conferencing Benefits Marketing Professionals –

Featured CMO group articles & discussions:

– If you cannot attribute your marketing activities directly to sales, should you do it? –
– As “marketing” consultants what do we “do”? –
– Don’t ‘tell’ your story, let others discover it –
– Remember that digital is a tactic, not a strategy –
– Do you think Competitors are always rivals? Can there be some situation, where we can grow with competitors? –
– In this digital era, should media and creative duties lie within one agency when it comes to digital? –

Career advice from

– Can Unemployed Jobseekers Complain When They Have a Liberal Arts Degree? –
– Should You Quit a Job Without an Exit Strategy? –
– Is the Cover Letter Dying or Being Reborn? –
– Working While Sick –
– It’s Time: Let’s ‘Ban the Box’ –
– 4 Things to Consider Before you Resign –
– Should Companies Pay Employees to Leave? –
– How To Warm Call Your Way Into a Job –
– Don’t Build Your Future on For-Profit College Degrees –
– When Bad Writing Happens to Good Resumes –
– 3 Adventurous Reasons to Exercise at Work –

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