CXO Summits combine w/ Motorsports to deliver for clients

CXO Summits get results CrowdStrike and AWS need in building their peer to peer networks with top C level executives in their industry.   The Page Group works with companies like CrowdStrike and AWS to develop highly effective experiential marketing programs around motorsports.   As part of that effort we work in event planning and execution, guest activation, experiential activation, follow-up, and planning.   Part of the marketing program includes the development of various social media and marketing strategies that connect with our audience and explains our activation thru motorsports and why it is important for these companies engage in this sport. 

CrowdStrikes CXO Summits get results thru developing experiential marketing programs around motorsports with peer to peer interaction between industry leaders at race tracks across the country.

The Page Group has worked to develop the CrowdStrike CXO Summits which bring together highly influential peers in the cybersecurity industry to meet, talk, and exchange information regarding their expertise and knowledge. Additionally it allows guests to also gain further educational credits for attending, as well as valuable tools to return to their jobs with.  Then we combine it with the experience of motorsports in a behind the scenes environment that gives them a behind the doors look at this amazing sport, the technology that drives it, and the use of technology to manage and control the sport on the track and in the organizations that run the events.


The Page Group is an integral part of the development of these programs, and proud to be a partner of these amazing organizations in bringing these experiences to their guests at the various CXO Summits held annually.


Congrats to CrowdStrike for its amazingly successful IPO…a rising star in the world of Cybersecurity technologies.





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