How to choose the right CRM.

What CRM is right for your business?    Our friends over at Clicktime were kind enough to supply us with their most recent posting related to selecting the best CRM for your business needs.  Every day we need to review the tools we use in business, and the companies that support those tools are also constantly updating their attributes for improved customer relationship management.  Our friends over at Clicktime have dived into the topic to help us understand what is happening with CRM in today’s markets so you can keep on top of the topic.   Thanks Jennifer for passing along a great article. 




How To Choose the Right CRM for your Business???


CRMs help you run your marketing campaigns, nurture sales leads, close deals and build long-lasting customer or constituent relationships. But with so many CRMs available in the market, how do you know what is the right CRM for your business? According to a report by Aberdeen Group, 46% of businesses fail to generate the adequate … see the attached article for details.


How To Choose The Right CRM For Your Business

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