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Jun. 06 
As many have realized, with more people online, more often, from more devices the need to be heard above the noise is only going to get harder and harder for everyone. Content Marketing refers to employing content that will engage a wider audience for longer to drive sales and strengthen customer loyalty.


Since Google Panda & Penguin rank content across your entire website you’re going to need to have a steady supply of the stuff. The other thing to take into account is that once you start you are making an ongoing commitment to offer engaging content to your audience.

It’s no surprise then that once a company realises how much they need the first question on everyone’s mind is “who is going to write all of this content?” Some companies are hiring their own writers, some are asking their creative agencies to write content for them, but how can you know which option is best for your business?


For most of us, successful audience engagement online concerns taking care of the following channels:

  • Websites
  • Social Pages
  • Blogs
  • Affiliates

The point being that they have all been proven to be the most effective digital channels for generating and nurturing leads. So what do all these channels need in order to be successful?

Two things…

  • An audience
  • Content that will maintain and grow that audience

You may be able to gain an audience with advertising and traditional marketing but holding their attention requires an investment in in content they will find useful, pertinent and something they want to share with their network. So where does this content come from? Right now, probably your marketing team…

What’s wrong with this arrangement?

For all it’s hype, content marketing is just another marketing practice. The only main difference being the extensive time and effort required to manage and implement it successfully when compared to other activities like Search, Pay Per Click and Email Marketing. The harsh reality that many companies face is that in-house marketing team simply do not have time to produce the level of content brands need for their voice to be heard over the competition.

What options do you have?

  • Hire specialist content writers
  • Outsource content writing to freelancers/writing agencies

Which delivers the most value?
Hiring writers offers more control but all writers have a style and a limit to what they can about effectively. Plus audiences respond best to a native author meaning if you want to international and not lose anything in translation you’re going to need a large team.

Outsourcing content curation and creation is a growing trend, especially thanks to how easy it is to find quality creators online thanks to sites like LinkedIn and Elance. There are risks associated to working with external talent and that’s why platforms like INFLUENCER Community that offer totally secure yet easy to use interfaces are winning the hearts and minds of brands and agencies when they need content.

With 200 active content creators at your fingertips and thousands more only a click away its no surprise why both clients and the creators themselves love using the platform.

By Charlie McGhee

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