Are your campaigns generating the right ROI?

The Page Group feels strongly that you must understand your ROI from any marketing campaign.   Any marketing program, web strategy, or event MUST HAVE activation and measurable results that can be defined after the execution of that marketing strategy.  The only way that a successful campaign can work is by first understanding the customer, then identifying how to connect with them, and then defining the expectations and measuring them. Throughout the process we need to look at how we engage, and how we connect and we must define what we expect from those activities.   Take a look at the McAfee Executive Drive program (watch video) on our website and see how we built an all inclusive strategy that drove brand awareness, but most importantly engagement and sales directly with the top guy’s in the executive suite (the CIO’s and CTO’s) This campaign was a great success because it was well thought out, appealed to the attendee’s in unique ways, and engaged directly with building relationships and connections between McAfee executives and the potential clients.

Every marketing program MUST HAVE activation expectations and a manner of measuring those results otherwise your spending money for the sake of spending your budget, and are not spending to actually create a result that is affective in achieving your goals. 



A $20,000 Ticket To Wimp Junction, or Improving your ROI on a $20k Breakfast

$20k Breakfast

Like most folks you have probably heard about politicians running breakfasts for $300, or $500 or more a plate. We all know this is about being seen or donating to someone, you want on your side politically. In business, offering a “Free” meal is more about filling seats with potential customers or with existing customers with the goal of getting more business. Breaking bread with someone and getting to know them is as old as humanity sitting around a campfire eating the spoils of that days hunt. It is part of our nature to relax and open up when sharing a table with someone. In this case we were a long way from a campfire in the primordial woods but the goal should have been the same. I was invited to one of Orange County’s most Exclusive Country Clubs. The location Perfect, and Yes Breakfast was Outstanding. My guess is between the Food, Event Room, Service, Planning, Employee man-hours and Promotion it was a $20,000 event for the folks who put it on, for me it was Free Breakfast and Great Speakers. So what did the $20,000 Breakfast buy the host? in my opinion a trip to Wimp Junction. What is “Wimp Junction” well the “Host Company” who put on the event for a bigger company (in the Billions $$) made little effort to engage me. One of their “Sales People” did ask me “How you doing?”. I said “Ok” and waited for more, then kept walking. He was young but did better than the “More Senior Salespeople” there. Everyone else Wimped Out, that is got side tracked at Wimp Junction. Maybe it’s me, if I spent $20,000 on an event I would want a better ROI than that. How do you avoid a $20,000 trip to “Wimp Junction”? Have every one of the sales people in that organization talk directly spoke with 8 to 10 different people (of the approximately 150 people there). I worked the room, spoke with at least 6 to 8 people with minimal effort and I am more of a marketing guy than a sales guy. What about follow-up? Good question, so far I got an e-mail thanking me for attending with and free e-book attached. I do not want an in your face hard sell, but this was an expensive trip to Wimp Junction. What I expected was that you all had me there in person why not engage me in person, ask why I came to the event, what my needs are, see if there is anything we can do together or if not ask me for a referral I know lots of people who could use what you do, just ask. What could have been done differently? A. Have a Salesperson escort each attendee to their table, while walking to the table ask how did they find out about the event, why did they take time out of their busy day to attend etc. Don’t pitch ask and listen…. B. Wear a: Hat, Shirt, Distinctively Colored Name Badge with your Company Logo, Name Etc. So I know who you are from a distance. Then have the Master of Ceremonies point you all out. ie if you need anything just talk to the folks with the bright yellow badges… C. Give me your card (Don’t make me ask for it) and get my card. D. While I am there create opportunities for me to meet the speakers and your people by circulating and introducing yourself. Ask me about MY Needs/My Pain. E. Follow up with a personal phone call, if each of your sales people took just 15 people and called it would take just one hour out of their day. Call until we connect. If I am not a prospect ask me for a referral to someone who could buy. F. Use your Customer Relationship Management Software to track where you are in the process. This can be done in SalesForce, Outlook or even dare I say a card file….. When you let the prospect slip through your fingers and you don’t do anything about it David Sandler says you took the wrong turn at Wimp Junction and ended up stuck in the prospects system. To loosely Quote David Sandler, “People Buy Emotionally then justified the purchase intellectually.” When you have me face to face emotions are in play, when you send me an e-mail you wimped out. Sales is a Contact Sport, don’t Wimp Out. I don’t suppose you all are even vaguely interested selling more?

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