5 Reasons why Building your Online Brand is Vital

The web and eCommerce are forcing marketing departments to take a new look at how their online marketing is conducted.  The Page Group believes though that it all starts with identifying how the consumer connects with the brand, and then developing strategies and brand awareness internally that fulfill your brand obligations to the consumer through the online brand strategy. 


5 Reasons why Building your Online Brand is Vital

by 36creative April 17th, 2013


Many businesses today are focusing on online brand development, and there is a very good reason why. Building an online brand is no longer an optional marketing step in today’s business environment, since so many people are becoming more and more focused on cyberspace. There are many reasons why online brand building is essential, but the top five reasons are outlined below.





The average person spends multiple hours per day online, and online brand recognition is quickly eclipsing traditional brand building. A strong online presence will allow you to reach not only your target audience, but also to contact potential customers from across the globe, moving beyond your regional marketing reach at a very effective cost to benefit ratio.


In the age of social media, you can put your brand to work for you without increasing your advertising budget. A strong online brand will get liked, followed, and favorite on various social networks. Every time somebody likes or shares something associated with your brand, it is reaching out to hundreds of other potential customers without a single dollar spent on your part.


Particularly if you choose to use content marketing as a key part of your brand, you can use online branding to establish yourself as an expert in your field. By writing informative content that showcases your knowledge, customers will turn to you regularly for similar information. Once you establish your brand as a source of important information, you will generate an increasing amount of traffic just from this reputation.


Putting your brand online means making yourself more recognizable to a larger audience. This in turn means increasing your perceived value on a global basis. The more effectively you use the Internet in your branding, the higher your brand’s value goes. Something that is isolated to a single region or state is only valuable in that area, while something that is global has value everywhere in the world.


Online branding provides you with access to a number of different analytics that can tell you much more about your customer base than traditional branding. You can learn not only basic demographics but also buying habits, browsing tendencies, and where customers go after viewing your online information. This allows you to customize your product to make sure that it has the maximum level of appeal. No matter what industry you are in, the most important rule to marketing is to know your customer. Putting your brand online will allow you to do exactly that, and in a more effective manner than any alternative.

Moving your brand development to the online world is an important step to take if you hope to succeed in the modern world. By focusing your brand building on the future, you will have more success, better global recognition, and the ability to judge your customer base more effectively.

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