5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Making A Business Video

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So you’re a business owner or marketing manager who’s looking into adding video to the marketing plan. You think back of some company videos you’ve seen in the past—animation videos, business profiles & overviews, and customer testimonials—and recall how effective you thought they were. You think it might be a good idea to invest some time and money in creating a similar business video of your own. But what’s the best route to take? Here are five helpful tips to bear in mind when deciding how you want to mold your business video.


1. Keep it short

You can only have a person as your captive audience for so long before they start to space out. Take advantage of those fleeting few minutes that you have with them and deliver a solid, enticing first impression so that they’ll be intrigued to learn more.


People’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, so you want to stick with the range of 1 minute to a max of 2 minutes for your video.


2. Focus on your differentiating points

This is probably the most effective way to leave a lasting impression on your audience. In any given industry, there’s a whole slew of people trying to get their message out—but unless you move away from the generic aspects of that industry and focus on what makes you stand out in it, you run the very likely risk of getting lost in the crowd. Don’t be a “faceless face!”


Bring out the wow factors about you to your audience. Tell them what makes you unique and why they should consider doing business with you! If your company has won any accolades in the past or has any other special achievements, highlight those in your video.


3. Identify your video goal

What’s the point of your video? That is, what’s the message you want to convey? Is it a specific promotion? Brand awareness? Sales? Testimonial? Or a Company Overview? Surprisingly, there are many people who dive into the idea of getting a business video headfirst without clarifying this very fundamental step. Focus on what is it you want to achieve with the video and what you want your audience to think and do after watching it. Afterwards, structure your message accordingly. Your video will be more effective and will leave a greater impact when it communicates one or two clear and solid messages rather than a hodgepodge of different marketing messages.


Another word to the wise: trying to achieve all your goals in one single video is a bad idea. You will end up confusing your audience. Take it piece by piece, step by step.


4. Have a budget in mind

Making a video is like buying a house: It has a large price range. You can produce a good quality professional video from $500 to $5000. It is important to have a budget range in mind. Consult with your production team on the best kind of video that can be produced in that price range and whether that meets your requirements. Of course, the question of whether you’d be getting your bang for your buck is your call to make, but communicating your price range in advance will help you and your production team plan better and save you from scary surprises.


5. Wrap it up with a call to action

Always give the audience a further bit of guidance at the end. Whether it’s buying something for the first time with a discount or offering a free quote/consultation, you should definitely conclude by opening up that two-way street between you (the provider) and the audience.

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