What is real leadership?

To many bosses think a bosses responsibility is to bark out orders and criticize work, but real leadership comes from bosses who clearly understand that true success comes from giving people the responsibility and accountability, with a little guidance, to be responsible, and accountable, for the role they play within the organization.   Then both the employee and the boss become leaders in the organization, and the boss becomes the leader of a highly successful team.  


Leadership : If we give people tasks, we get doers. If we give people authority, we get leaders.

Taken from an article published on Linkedin May 15th, 2017.

The old school of leadership was all about control. The new one is all about trust.

The old school of thinking was destroyed by the famous film Office Space. In that film, Peter Gibbons tells consultants that he is not motivated because 8 different bosses control him, and as a result he works just enough not to get fired.

The problem with control by progress reports, status meetings, etc is that it creates the environment where employees are not trusted. The more they are untrusted, the less motivated they become, the more control the old style leadership applied.

Vicious circle.

We have come a long way. We now know that –

The only people we need to control are ourselves.

I sometimes get asked what is one best way to motivate people.

I say – if I had to choose one, that would be – show them you trust them.

Of course, we need to be trusted ourselves. For that, we can never break any of these.

Here is how the new leadership style works, in 4 easy steps.

When you share your dream with others, your dream becomes a goal.

When together with others, you break down the goal into steps, the goal becomes a plan.

When you trust your team with the plan, you become a leader.

When you support others in everything they need, they will make your dream come true.

Trust, and you will be trusted back.

Walk fast to follow your people because you are their leader.

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