The role of a CMO is Changing

At The Page Group we often talk about the changing landscape of the marketing suite.   Evolution of the consumer. Evolving technologies.   Change in Generations.   New retail channels.   Opportunities.   These all change and have a  major impact on how the marketing department must change to stay up to date with todays consumers.  As we look forward we see that the role of a CMO and the mentality of how they conduct their jobs is always evolving.   This article speaks to that issue and how we feel these changes affect the office of marketing. 


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The Mentality Of A CMO Is Changing To This


Adapt or die. It is an oft-spoken term, most notably in the movie Moneyball by Billy Beane, AKA Brad Pitt. In that context the term referred to the way baseball general managers needed to change their entire method of evaluating players via the use of “sabermetrics.”

We won’t get into the whole nitty and gritty of sabermetrics but its introduction into the game caused quite a stir and debate and still does to this day.

When it comes to the role of the CMO, the same type of fundamental change is occurring as the mentality of a CMO is changing to one of a Chief EngagementOfficer. Why? The answers are obvious, at least they should be.

In today’s digital world – and let’s get one thing perfectly clear here, we as marketers are not doing digital in a marketing world, but rather are marketing in a digital world , big difference – engagement is everything.

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Yesterday we were both part of a panel discussion on a webinar entitled The CMO Solution Guide to Leveraging New Technology and Marketing Platforms Webinar. Presented by Oracle Marketing Cloud (OMC) (note: Steve’s employer) the webinar featured insights gleaned from a Guide by the same released earlier this year by The CMO Club in partnership with the OMC.

During the discussion this very topic of Chief Engagement Officer was raised. The sheer number of engagement opportunities alone is staggering hence the need for this mentality shift among CMOs. The use of technology as a means to engage with a given brand is only going to keep climbing with no ceiling in sight.

Today, consumers aren’t just tech savvy, they are tech dependent. How many studies and surveys do we need to read where people say they would be willing to sacrifice this or that before they give up their technology?

Still not convinced? Well perhaps the opening line to an article on Bloomberg from earlier this year will convince you. “Almost a third of Americans would rather give up sex for a year than part with their mobile phone for that long.”

Not only are consumers tech dependent, they are tech addicted.

CMOs must adapt or die. No, not in the literal sense of course. But in a very real sense nonetheless for if they do not adapt to this mentality they run the risk of seeing their career perish – understanding engagement is that important.

This article was co-written by Michael Williams, CMO of Grand Prix of America and contributor to the The CMO Solution Guide to Leveraging New Technology and Marketing Platforms.

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