Pulse Evolution brings in new investor.

Congratulations to Pulse Evolution receiving new partnership with Chinese Industry leader in film and animation.   This $10 million investment will allow for Pulse to continue its aggressive moves forward developing the latest digital production capabilities and to continue to lead in this dynamic new marketplace.   We are excited for Pulse Evolution, and our role in supporting their branding and licensing strategies. 


Pulse Evolution & Chinese enterprises invest to bring back dead stars

By Zhang Rui
January 20, 2016

Two Chinese companies announced on Monday that they would invest in Pulse Evolution to bring back Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson in virtual hologram form.

Zhao Rui, CEO of Original Force Animation, announced at the company’s annual convention that they have invested in Pulse Evolution to explore the virtual world. [Photo courtesy of Original Force Animation / China.org.cn]

An executive from Original Force Animation, who asked for anonymity in this story, told China.org.cn that the company and Shanghai U9 Game Co., Ltd. have invested US$10 million into Pulse Evolution headed by John Textor to explore the market for digital virtual characters.

Original Force and U9 Game will have seats on the board of Pulse Evolution and will participate in the operation of the company. “Investing in Pulse Evolution is in consideration of Original Force’s long term strategy,” the executive said, adding they did so to take up a share of the market in advance and place their position on the map in the industry.

Pulse Evolution is now licensed to work on shows of three deceased mega stars, namely, Elvis Presly, Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe. The executive said they will first present virtual shows featuring Jackson in several selected places in China and that in the next year, Pulse will work hard to pull off an Elvis show.

One of its most famous and outstanding achievements was the Michael Jackson virtual performance at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards in 2014, which stunned audiences and industry professionals. Jackson, in hologram form, performed “Slave to the Rhythm” midway through that night’s show with a five-piece band and 16 dancers live onstage.

The Original Force executive said they will do the shows of three deceased stars separately at first, and then they would consider having them perform together. He added that in future, Jackson’s performances would be better than what was shown during the Billboard Music Awards by hiring the best dancers in the world and reviewing Jackson’s past performances in order to make it as perfect as it can be.

The virtual stars will not only appear in hologram shows, but they would be used and activated in various areas such as Virtual Reality, a mobile app, stage shows and commercials. Some observers said the three stars alone can produce more than US$300 million in market value.

The executive also said they would consider making virtual holograms of Chinese celebrities and they have got in touch with estates of a few deceased Chinese stars.

“The virtual performances will be a tribute to the deceased stars, and they would be an extension of fans’ emotions,” the executive said, “and when compared with biographies, commemorative records and other merchandise, the virtual shows will be more direct and innovative. What’s more, there’s great potential and creativity in it, even the living stars can have a virtual self on stage to perform together.”

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