Peyton Manning Touches Many on and off the field.

Peyton has had an impact much broader than the sport of Football.   Learn who the man is and how he impacted many off the field. 


This touching Commercial might have a major influence on your perspective of what Peyton Manning brought to the field, and off.


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by Andre Vergara



We all can acknowledge the impact that Peyton Manny has had on the sport of Football in this country, but few of us know of some of the other absolutely remarkable things that Peyton Manning has done off the field and how it has affected many people who both know him, as well as those that don’t but have come in touch with him thru other means.  This video really talks to the man that Peyton Manning is, and gives us a peek behind the doors of the real impact that he has brought to the sport, to his friends, to his team mates, and to this country.   We need more good examples like Peyton to show our kids what it means to be a man, a icon, and someone to look up to.

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