Marketing Team – What level of staffing do you need?

The complexities of todays marketing department requires something few companies have … specialists who focus on the core strategies within the department. As complex as marketing programs are today it is almost impossible for one or two people to manage and run the complexities associated with these programs.   Check out one perspective of how a complex marketing team looks and understand not all of us have the budgets, or breadth of programs to afford the luxury of staff as shown herein.   Remember, add complexity to your marketing budget and you add costs so be sure you evaluate and understand the commitments that will be required before you jump into new technologies that could cost you in many ways.   

10 Marketing Team Members CMOs Need To Keep The ‘Digital Beat’

by Hana Abaza 
Director of Marketing 

How to remix your marketing team staffing

From Mad Man to modern-day marketer, organizations and brands are communicating their core value to a new digital beat. In turn, the makeup of the modern marketing team has grown to welcome new members.


  • Technology is redefining how we execute marketing and communications programs.
  • A marketing automation manager is responsible for optimizing lead generation.
  • Today’s campaign manager has to understand a wide array of channels and tactics.

At Uberflip, we took a look at the key trends and tactics that have lead to new marketing team roles or transformations in existing ones. It’s no surprise that technology is the common thread, redefining how we execute marketing and communications programs. What’s more, marketers expect the evolution to continue. According to parent company Adobe, 64 percent of marketers expect their roles will change in the next year.

Among the trends that are driving this marketing-team remix are the rise in content marketing, the growing popularity of marketing automation tools, the continued prevalence of social media, and, of course, access to big (and small) data.

So who do you need on your marketing team to handle not only the current landscape, but what’s to come? Following is a summary of the roles detailed in our SlideShare, “9 People You Need On Your Modern Marketing Team” (at the end of this article), plus one bonus position.

• Content Director: This executive manages the strategy and development of an organization’s content marketing efforts to generate leads, increase awareness, and drive growth.

• Brand Journalist: This content crafters blends the storytelling ability of a journalist with the results-oriented mind-set of a copywriter.

• Community Manager: Though this role has been around for a while, it will become increasingly important as more niche online and social communities develop.

• Marketing Automation Manager: Also known as a demand-generation manager, this person is responsible for optimizing lead generation through audience segmentation, lead nurturing, and lead scoring.

• Data Analyst: Information is power; without visibility into the right metrics and KPIs, marketing teams will be running blind. This person dives deep into the key analytics that impact the business and turns them into actionable insights.

• Marketing Technologist: A hybrid of a developer and marketer, this person facilitates tasks that involve both marketing and technology.

• Campaign Manager: Today’s campaign manager has to understand a wide array of channels and tactics in order to effectively plan and execute a campaign.

• Events Manager: While many of the functions around this role remain the same, event managers need to understand new ways to drive attendance as well as new types of events, such as virtual conferences.

• Graphic Designer: Even the role of the graphic designer is evolving, with many different tools at their disposal. They need to stay on top of trends from flat design to GIFs.

• Advocate Marketer: This bonus role, which didn’t make the original version of this SlideShare, focuses on mobilizing the customer base and turning them into hard-core advocates in order to drive growth. Done right, it can be incredibly effective.

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