Marketers Lack Skills in the Role they play today.

Marketers lack skills for a variety of reasons… The ever changing digital landscape makes it difficult for even the best marketers to sustain a level of competence that can benefit from all the tools made available to us. Every day the algorithms change.   Everyday new technologies are released. Everyday the search engines change their methodology.   Everyday the consumers shift preferences.  Fads fade.  Technology evolves.   New Technology fails after rapid growth.   How are we as experts to maintain the level of sophistication needed to keep up with this ever evolving landscape.    Not even specialists in key area’s can stay 100% on top of the evolving landscape that they face.   So we do the best we can, and try to improve.   The Page Group just feels we should not be chasing rainbows of new technology until we see how those technologies are embraced by the consumer, and then to only use those tools once we know what activation we can expect from investing in that tech.   

Marketers Lack Skills to Improve Digital Customer Experiences, Survey Finds

Many Marketers Fall Short on Data Analytics, Personalization Strategies

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Digital customer experiences are an increasingly important part of the marketing playbook, but many marketers lack the tools and know-how to take advantage of the tech that can improve them.

With the mountains of data available to marketers now, for example, data analytics and personalization could help executives better understand and reach their target audiences. But according to eMarketer, citing data from an Accenture Interactive and Forrester Consulting report, many marketers lack the skills necessary to implement customer experience strategies.

Specific marketers are not mentioned, but the survey “investigated actions executive decision-makers are taking to improve customer experience,” from integrating customer experiences across channels to improving analytics, eMarketer said.

From eMarketer:

According to many of these same decision-makers, much of the fault for this growing inability to take action is internal. In the same Accenture and Forrester Consulting survey, many marketing executives point to a lack of necessary customer experience skills among employees. For example, less than 50% of respondents said their organizations had all the necessary skills related to customer experience disciplines such as project management and data analytics.

Internal issues were also the culprit for a lack of collaboration, eMarketer said. Fewer than half of respondents in the survey said that their employers had workspaces that fostered collaboration.

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