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McKinsey & Company always delivers great content and information regarding personal and corporate leadership and development.   At the end of this year McKinsey has listed its Top 10 in leadership articles which are focused on leadership issues or opportunities depending on how you use it.    Great content, Great insights, not right for all, but great for a few. 



McKinsey and Company

Top 10 in leadership | 2014

This year’s most popular articles on leadership

Why leadership-development programs fail

1. Why leadership-development programs fail

Sidestepping four common mistakes can help companies develop stronger and more capable leaders, save time and money, and boost morale. more

Change leader, change thyself

2. Change leader, change thyself

Anyone who pulls the organization in new directions must look inward as well as outward. more

Management intuition for the next 50 years

3. Management intuition for the next 50 years

The collision of technological disruption, rapid emerging-markets growth, and widespread aging is upending long-held assumptions that underpin strategy setting, decision making, and management. more

4. Lead at your best

Five simple exercises can help you recognize, and start to shift, the mind-sets that limit your potential as a leader. more

5. Tapping the power of hidden influencers

A tool social scientists use to identify sex workers and drug users can help senior executives find the people most likely to catalyze—or sabotage—organizational-change efforts. more

6. The benefits—and limits—of decision models

Big data and models help overcome biases that cloud judgment, but many executive decisions also require bold action inspired by self-confidence. Here’s how to take charge in a clear-headed way. more

7. Bad to great: The path to scaling up excellence

Before senior executives try to spread best practices, they should use seven techniques to clear out the negative behavior that stands in the way. A related video interview with one of the authors reveals companies that have used them to great effect. more

8. Tom Peters on leading the 21st-century organization

Thirty years after leaving McKinsey, the prolific author returns to discuss tomorrow’s management challenges and the keys to organizational change and transformative leadership in any age. more

9. Building a forward-looking board

Directors should spend a greater share of their time shaping an agenda for the future. more

10. Manager and machine: The new leadership equation

As artificial intelligence takes hold, what will it take to be an effective executive? more

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