Lead Generation Strategies that might just help.

Mike Jennings posts up again, a series of great links and information that might be useful to our market associates.  Please take the time to peruse and review as there might just be those little tidbits that truly can help your business and marketing strategies. 

Your Lead Generation Strategy

Miles Jennings
Founder and CEO, Recruiter.com
Conversations not Campaigns: http://bit.ly/1sWQdaw

Abandon the idea of batch and blast and enter into a relationship-oriented mindset that continuously builds engagement with consumers, one by one and over time: http://bit.ly/1sWQdaw

Good morning and thanks for joining us here with the CMO Network this week! It’s been a great summer here and we’re excited to keep the energy going! Below are the latest CMO updates for the group:

Marketing reports and whitepapers:

– Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation – http://bit.ly/1rdaJFq

– Earn Your MBA or Mini MBA in Internet Marketing 100% Online –http://bit.ly/1vIrqMl

– The CMO Toolkit Free Toolkit http://bit.ly/1hPtYBC

– Get Your Marketing Teams To Work More Collaboratively –http://bit.ly/1usvfkZ

– Marketing Messenger: 18 Exclusive Insights From CMO.com That Every Marketer Should Know – http://bit.ly/1rx1vFF

– The State of Enterprise Social Marketing Report – http://bit.ly/1usvfBz

Featured CMO group articles & discussions:

– Is Twitter a Part of Your Company’s Lead Generation Strategy? Why or Why Not? – http://linkd.in/Z5LU3X

– How do you effectively tell your “Story” to use in content and in advertising? – http://linkd.in/Z5LTNp

– Meeting a customer is always a joy? Agree or Disagree? –http://linkd.in/Z5LTNB

– The Rise of The Chief Marketing Technologist. Should S/he be Core Tech or Core Marketing Background? More Left or Right Brain? –http://linkd.in/Z5LTNF

– As “marketing” consultants what do we “do”? – http://linkd.in/Z5LVFc

Career advice from Recruiter.com:

– First Jobs and Life Lessons – Part 1: http://bit.ly/Y8cPvM and Part 2:http://bit.ly/Y8cLMP

– To Be or Not To Be: The Complexities of Being Friends With Your Boss – http://bit.ly/Y8cNEj

– Can Where I Choose to Sit Affect my Professional Success? –http://bit.ly/Y8cOrY

– Four Ways to Help Your Boss Be Better – http://bit.ly/1us7p90

– Seven Great Salary Negotiation Tips – http://bit.ly/1lgPPnH

– The 7 Deadly Sins of Job Seeking – http://bit.ly/1lgPSzV

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