How do customers feel about your gathering their Big Data?

There always is a balance between gathering data regarding your customers and marketing efforts that needs to be found.  The Page Group feels that with the advent of Big Data we have to be more sensitive as marketers as to how our companies clients feel about the data we collect, that we store, and that we share.  Security of data gathered, who we share data with, how data is used and stored, and how is it connected directly to me as an individual are critical concerns of most consumers.    If your brand stands for customer loyalty, integrity, customer service, and related consumer focused initiatives then you to should be more open about your policies regarding Big Data and give your customers choice in how they opt into that Big Data Sharing environment.  Integrity and honesty are directly connected with the consumers perception about what you are doing behind the Big Data wall. 


Study: Consumers Wary of Marketers Using Big Data

For the right brand, some personal information is OK By Katy Bachman

  • February 26, 2014, 8:00 AM EST

Big data is the name of the game for any marketer these days, but it’s also under the microscope of federal regulators and privacy groups that fear marketers may be running roughshod over consumer privacy.

A new study from SDL, a content management and analytics firm, found that nearly two-thirds of consumers in the U.S. and around the world are worried about how marketers are using their personal information, and 82 percent in the U.S. aren’t comfortable being tracked in stores via smartphones and WiFi.

On the plus side, 80 percent are more than willing to provide personal information to a trusted brand as long as brands are transparent about how they collect and use their information and as long as they get something in return. Infographic: SDL

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