Check out Ted’s Cigars latest License – Duck Commander Video

TPG represents Ted’s Cigars in a number of capacities, and is proud to be affiliated with exciting licensing company based out of Louisville, KT.   Congratulations once again on the securing of the Duck Commander license, and to this latest promotional lifestyle video that Ted’s recently released.

The latest Duck Commander Video (click on link below)



Duck Commander Video from Ted’s Cigars



Duck Commander was built on passion, pride and faith. It’s uncommon to have an occupation that allows you to do what you truly love. The Duckmen do just that.

We’ve come a long way since Phil jumped in his truck in the 70′s and sold his duck calls “one at a time”.

Now Duck Commander is a brand that speaks to more than just the waterfowler. It represents a way of life; one of faith, family and the opportunity to live off the land.



We’re pleased to introduce you to the Official Duck Commander Cigar. It’s brought to you by Ted’s Cigars, a company that shares our passion and principles. Because of Ted’s Cigars exceptional history and attention to detail, we knew they would make a cigar worthy of the Duck Commander name.

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