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Our friends over at Fresh Juice announce another new player in the multi- sensory digital retail experience.   Check it out.  Having made huge success at retail with the Disney Store digital engagement campaign as well as working with National Hotel Chains to expand their just in time digital marketing experience Fresh Juice accepted the challenge introduced by QuickSilver to develop a unique digital in store experience just for them.   


Announcement: Check them out.

Quiksilver Launches New Multi-Sensory Customer Digital Experience


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EL SEGUNDO, CA – Retail Digital Marketing Strategies…Fresh Juice Global is pleased to announce that Quiksilver is now part of our rapidly growing client portfolio. We’re proud to be working with Quiksilver’s leadership and customer experience team to introduce new, exciting innovations into their amazing stores.

Through the use of unique and creative technology, Quiksilver’s customers are enjoying a new kind of shopping experience, which includes the Surfer Lounge. We collaborated with Quiksilver’s leadership team to create this awesome lounge in many of their stores. This is a space to relax on a comfortable couch or chair and hang out while being immersed in the Quiksilver lifestyle. Customers now enjoy watching surf and skateboard videos, and live-events via web streams!


Steve Finney, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Quiksilver’s Retail stores is leading the revitalization of the customer experience in Quiksilver stores, and believes “the customer experience and satisfaction is key to our store of the future.”


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