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Creating Productive Meetings

Productive meetings?  How do you achieve them?  How do we succeed in leading a team to real results?  We have always found that, as this article points out, it is critical to clearly define the agenda, and clearly wrap up the conclusions found in that conversation.  It is also critical...

Optimizing your marketing strategy is key

Optimizing our marketing programs is a critical part of everything we do.  This requires constant attention, and a firm understanding of the changing patterns of behavior by our audience, but sometimes to much analysis can impact the effectiveness of what we do as well.   So yes stay on focus...

Stop wasting time in meetings

We all get very frustrated when we are called to meetings where little is of value to us being there and participating.   Here are some insightful idea’s for helping to stop wasting time in meetings…I think you will find many that can be of benefit to your successful leadership. ...