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Building a Brand Road Map

Graham always does a great job of laying out concepts and presenting strategies that most everyone can follow.  If your not familiar with building a brand strategy, or a brand road map take a look.  The Page Group has been actively supporting developing a strong and effective internal and external...

Marketing ROI

Redefining Marketing ROI CMO EXCLUSIVES | July 09, 2013 by Christine Nurnberger Vice President, Marketing SunGard Availability Services For ages, chief marketing officers have been seeking an elusive ROI utopia, to no avail. Today, however, by aligning their sales and marketing organizations and employing new technology advances, they can achieve that goal. ARTICLE...

What is the benefit from a strong Brand?

The rationale for building a strong brand lies in the fact that in every corporate valuation the key component of the value of a company is based on its “blue sky value”…its “brand value”. Greater Brand Value = Greater Corporate Market Value. Normally you will find that the average market...