The Page Group Is ?

TPG Logo since 1995

The Page Group focus on a solid strategic planning and developing effective brand strategy in establishing an overall business strategy for the companies we support. Our goal is to add real “Blue Sky Value” to every company we touch by increasing the brand awareness of those core brand attributes to the consumer at every touch point that the brand has with the consumer.   We feel a consistent core brand message MUST BE communicated throughout the organization to assure that the consumer clearly understands those attributes, and connects with them closely.   After all todays branding is all about building that Consumer Brand Connection.

With a strong fundamental brand strategy communicated throughout the organization, and then on to your customers, you will empower those brand attributes to become of your brands DNA, and improve your connection with your customer thru those consistent core corporate values driven through your brand messaging, marketing, products, services, and employee’s.

Brand Strategy must be consistent at every touch point that your consumer interacts with your organization, and the same core brand values,  messaging and attributes must be reflected in everything an brand / organization does when touching their consumer.   It must be consistent whether in advertising, event marketing, licensing, social marketing, strategic planning, business development strategies, collateral development, even to a receptionists messaging, and all relevant area’s that influence the customer relationship with the firm.

Branding today is far more inclusive than ever before.    It must be consistent.  It must be effective, and it must try to build a brand connection with your core consumer every time the consumer touches the brand.