Lectures and Informational Seminars

The Page Group is one of the leading consultancies Brand Strategy, Licensing and Client development.   Robert Page is one of the foremost speakers and lecturers on global brand and licensing trends and technology at campus here on the west coast.  We work with a variety of affiliated partners and experts, and help clients formulate strategic plans related to how to build a better brand relationship with their core consumer thru a turn key package of services.


Workshops, seminars, lectures, and speaking 

The Page Group conducts corporate and client workshops and seminars on a variety marketing topics – branding, marketing, in-store marketing, and direct marketing.

Robert Page has been a frequent guest lecturer at the UCLA business school,  University of Redlands, and JPL Labs –  where he discusses with students the real world impact of brands.   Topics include:

What is 21st Century Brand Strategy?

Securing your Brand…

Vertical and horizontal brand extensions…

How has your brand connection with your consumer changed over time?

Product Positioning and Brand Positioning…

Brand touch points in today’s business / The Page Group’s ideation towards a Brand Silo…

What influences Brands?

How do brands connect?

Should your brand strategy start with the consumer?

Why are core brand message and philosophy important?

Do Brands Change?