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Snapchat dominates social Media w/ Millenials.

Snapchat gains strength in the very important millennial marketplace.    Snapchat Users to Pass Both Twitter and Pinterest This Year, eMarketer Says – 18-to-24-Year-Olds Are Snapchat’s Top Users By  Maureen Morrison. Published on June 08, 2016. Marketers who have yet to get serious on Snapchat may want to consider doing so, and soon. The...

Snapchat is impacting consumers strong.

Snapchat overtakes twitter.    Again we move thru the evolution of effective social media.   One of the major problems that marketers have is keeping up with the evolution and changing patterns of use that the internet offers its users.  Typical of most users people are always looking for something...

Cross Platform Marketing

Cross platform marketing is gaining in its important in the marketing suite, and we need to pay attention to the integrated nature of all marketing in today’s complex environment.      Cross Platform Marketing a Must-Have in 2016 November 25, 2015 Nick Bianchi Director, Social Media AT&T Mobile service behemoth...