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Proximity Marketing can be a tremendous tool.

Innovation leads everything that marketers evaluate today, but one of those tools that has not been integrated into the marketplace with broad acceptance could be a valuable tool if your trying to communicate one on one messaging to core consumers as they enter your store, auto dealership, or other retail...

Is Real Time Marketing for your company?

Is Real time marketing right for you?   Today many marketing exec’s are running to find their way into real time marketing programs and strategies.    Giselle rocks another great article helping all of us understand the world of Real Time Marketing and showing us some of the tools that...

Experts discuss One-to-one Marketing and its future.

At TPG we understand that all the excitement in One-on-One marketing online is the expectation that you can craft your message specifically to meet the individual needs of specific clients just when they express interest in the topic or thru the words, images, and searches we conduct online.  One-on-one marketing...