Licensing Services Offered: 


Licensing is a strategy.   Licensing is critical to the overall Brand Strategy of your company.   Licensing offers security for your brand and protects it from others infringing on the good name you have built over the years.   Licensing is very strategic in that it can #1 provide this security for you marks and brand while at the same time generating cash-flow, but perhaps the biggest attribute it brings if done properly is that it enhances the brand (when properly executed) by offering your consumers more choice while delivering on a consistent brand message.  This brings the consumer more closely to the brand, and enhances your brand value / blue sky valuation.   However, this is why The Page Group often works with clients to develop an executive summary and brand statement that must be integrated fully into the licensing of their marks.

On the flip side The Page Group has worked with numerous companies seeking licenses to expand the reach of their products into the national marketplace.   We begin again with who is your current audience.   How can we expand their relationship with the company thru the addition of a licensed brand?   Is there a new market we can open with a new licensed brand?   Can we expand shelf space with a new licensed brand?  When we know the answer to these and other questions we soon find a pathway that helps us define the types of brands and categories of products we can develop and build from.  We then seek out the licensors who we hope will be interested in working to build a highly effective relationship.  Along with that we assist in negotiations, royalties, category analysis, terms and conditions etc. for our clients.

Developing Global Licensing Strategy tied to brand strategy.

  • Consistency of brand statement
  • Extends the impact of the brand
  • Builds more brand loyal customers

Category /Channel Analysis & Research

Develop integrated Brand/Licensing strategy

  • Execute with existing licensee’s

Serve as Full Service Corporate Licensing Agency

  • Responsible for:
    • Securing all new licenses
    • Managing approval & submittal process
    • Verifies and reviews all financial and performance data
    • Seeks to manage consistent brand statement throughout
    • programs developed.
    • Develops all channel and category research for new licenses
    • Secures and does preliminary negotiations on all licenses
    • issued with final authority held by Licensor
    • Manages all reporting from licensee’s back to Licensor
    • Build’s Style Guide for licensee’s w/ support of Licensor