Today more than at any time in history business – Branding is Global in Every Way…

Business has the opportunity to reach out and connect with consumers anywhere in the world without even leaving their desk thru the Internet, but today more companies are seeking real opportunity to expand outside their home country.

The Page Group has been assisting foreign companies in developing strategies to penetrate the US markets for the past twenty years, and have had direct experience in penetrating both EU and Asian markets as well.

Fundamental to this global opportunity is doing the research related to current brand attributes as they relate to the global markets you hope to penetrate as often today we find that there are direct conflicts of meaning with words, slang, graphics, imagery, etc. that can immediately impact the clients opportunity to do business in those markets.   It is a critical step in evaluating your opportunity for success.

Next is evaluating everything from size, packaging, colors, and all related brand influencers to once again have confidence before you reach out to those markets that your products are going to be received in a positive manner.

To go Global is today’s New Business Strategy, but be prepared and know what your brand means and how it influences those audiences before you make the step.  It will save, and make you money if properly done.