Evaluating your brand…

The Page Group brings all of the services necessary to create, launch and develop a new brand for your business, or to thoroughly evaluate how your brand is delivering on its consumer promise to your clientele.   Both of these efforts entail a effective strategy that first identifies your consumer and how they connect with your brand.  It then evolves into a thorough review of your core brand messaging and how it is utilized throughout your business model, and communicated through each touch point your company has with your customers.    We believe very strongly that branding today is all about being consistent with that overall brand messaging and strategy every where your brand connects with, touches, or influences your clients.   This process leads to a thorough understanding of how we can enhance your overall brand value, and bring a higher valuation to your business.   Once your Brand Value is established then by tracking and periodically focusing on these strategies you will progressively see the book value of your business improve. The primary goal of any enterprise. Let us show you how…


Phase I – 

Brand and Customer Research and Due Diligence

Internally research the Brand DNA as recognized within the organization

Meet w/ all internal stakeholders to establish the current brand statements, positioning,   and dna.

Review all brand messaging

How does this message reach the consumers of your brands products

Measure consistency of use and relevance to customers expectations

Evaluate consistent use of brand, brand message, brand relevance in all uses

Externally identify core customer groups / segments

Who is your customer?   Is there one?  Two?   Or More?

is their brand relationship and needs consistent with your other customers?  Do you have multiple customer channels (ie…wholesale customer, eCommerce customer, distributors, etc.)

Research their experience and identification with the Brand

Challenge new thoughts on their brand relationship

Evaluate and establish new strategies for New Brand messaging, philosophy and relevance.

Evaluate the use of Licensing to expand brand reach and affect IP value for company.

Establish roadmap for licensing strategies if relevant

Analyze strategic alliance / partnership opportunities that extend the reach of the brand.

Analyze IP value

Phase II


Evaluate the brands relevancy to the needs of the core consumer values as they connect with the brand

What is the consumers market relationship to the brand

What core connectors does the consumer have back to the brand message

Evaluate those connectors for brand messaging, accuracy and relevance

Develop Brand Effectiveness thru this analysis

Evaluate ROI at each touch point between the brand & consumer.

Does it deliver an effective ROI?

Is it effective to use?

What touch points are missing?  Are they effective to add?

Analyze effectiveness of current brand messaging, tools, and channels as they relate to your various core customers

Phase III


Evaluate all touch points relevant to core customer groups (there may be more than one)

Review costs / value / benefit of brand communications through all brand touch points with core customer assuring proper ROI, and effective reach and budgetary requirements

Present to Management w/ alternatives

Lead integration efforts throughout the organizational structure to achieve by in by all affected departments

Initiate and build out resources and tools required to meet objectives of new brand strategies and plans.

Phase IV

Evaluation and analysis 

Measure, track and analyze changes and adjust accordingly