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Do Generational Labels work?

Generational labels establish boundaries…instead we should all be evaluating the performance, needs, work ethic, and motivations of each employee individually to maximize their value to the business.  To often we pre judge without truly knowing what contribution people can truly make to a company.  This happens both with older workers...

Creating Productive Meetings

Productive meetings?  How do you achieve them?  How do we succeed in leading a team to real results?  We have always found that, as this article points out, it is critical to clearly define the agenda, and clearly wrap up the conclusions found in that conversation.  It is also critical...

Customers Behaving Badly

The customer is not always right, and we need to support our employee’s while still satisfying our customers thru effective customer service. This article speaks well to this whole topic, and might help you focus on what is important.   Employee’s need emotional support to know that your there to...