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Organic Reach on Facebook goes away

Our friends at Izideo point out that organic reach has seen its influence in search results on Facebook largely go away.   Facebooks constantly changes its algorithms, as does Google, in a frustrating relationship with marketing teams across the spectrum.  Obviously most is driven by their desire to increase paid...

How are they spending Ad Dollars in the Social Media marketplace

Marketers are always looking at how to spend ad dollars in this dynamic social media marketplace, and often the assumed resource is not the one that generates the results.   Check out this article that evaluates the dominance that Snapchat and others have over Facebook in the competition for 2016...

Disconnecting from social media – How do you separate from Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Linkedin, and others???

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do By AZADEH ENSHA Published: April 17, 201 First you’re smitten by a social network or Web service and can’t stop spending time on it. Then it starts asking how you’re feeling, what you like, where you are, with whom, and why you don’t share as much...