Licensing is a Brand Strategy / Is Brand Security

Licensing is an integrated part of Brand Development: 

The Page Group has taken its brand consulting practice one step further than its competition because it believes so strongly that Licensing is an integrated part of the overall brand strategy for a company.

 A new product can gain immediate awareness, revenue, security, and impact by licensing a well known brand name and trademarks. 

Wise use of PR and Social Media can “create” a brand of a correctly positioned new product, or service, by the the use of the correct license. 

Existing brands can generate significant revenue and new awareness / users by licensing their mark to other products in different channels.

Existing brands can secure their marks from infringement in categories they don’t currently sell or market in.   Licensing protects your trademark?

Brand licensing builds “Brand Connections” with its core consumer, and others, in new markets and channels.  Brings consumers closer to the brand.

The Page Group bring years of licensing experience to their clients having worked both for the benefit of the licensee as well as the licensor.  Combined with the fundamental understanding of how licensing becomes an integrated piece of your overall brand strategy The Page Group then is in a unique position in assisting in the formulation & development of strong integrated licensing strategies, as well as licensing relationships.  We also bring unique experience in understanding how licensing is a fundamental strategy for protecting a corporations marks, trademarks, & copyrights globally.



Licensing Services Offered: 

Develop Global Licensing Strategy tied to brand strategy.

Consistency of brand statement

Extends the impact of the brand

Builds more brand loyal customers

Category /Channel Analysis & Research

Develop integrated Brand/Licensing strategy

Execute with existing licensee’s

Serve as Full Service Corporate Licensing Agency

Responsible for:

Securing all new licenses

Managing approval & submittal process

Verifies and reviews all financial and performance data

Seeks to manage consistent brand statement throughout

programs developed.

Develops all channel and category research for new licenses

Secures and does preliminary negotiations on all licenses

issued with final authority held by Licensor

Manages all reporting from licensee’s back to Licensor

Build’s Style Guide for licensee’s w/ support of Licensor


The Page Group believes strongly that for many companies a strong Licensing strategy can become an integrated structure within your corporate branding strategy.  Most companies look at licensing purely as a revenue resource, but The Page Group feels it offers much more value through the impact it brings to the brand and its connection with its core consumers.  It is a touch point with the consumer that has tremendous influence with your core audience as their choice of licensed products reflects directly on their support of the brand.

So whether you want a review of your licensing departments connection to the core brand values of your company, or someone to run the whole program for you The Page Group can deliver.


Licensing Management / Procurement / Strategy

•  Licensing is not just for revenue… 

•  Licensing extends the brands reach.

•  It can be a TECHNOLOGY or PATENT LICENSE to expand distribution

•  Is a BUILDING BLOCK for a strong brand.


•  Is a Business Model that reflects on who and what the brand is as it relates to their core consumers. 

•  REFLECTS the Brand as well as it Reflects the ATTRIBUTES of the Brand

•  Quality

•  Market positioning

•  Value / Pricing structure

•  Image / Lifestyle attributes / stature

•  Adds tremendous VALUE to a Brands “Blue Sky Value

•  Improves the performance of a companies BOTTOM LINE and STOCK VALUE if managed properly

•  CONNECTS a consumer more closely to the brand 


Licensing Strategy


•  Creates the “LIEFSTYLE ATTRIBUTES” that influence/identify the consumer with those brands that the consumer perceives reflects positively on them.

•  Must be CONSISTENT to the Business Model / Business Plan of the brand and it must have focus

•  It requires a consistency of message to the consumer, consistency of quality, image, value, distribution, merchandising, advertising, messaging, and other corporate attributes. 

•  Requires DILIGENCE to maintain the “INTEGRITY OF THE BRAND”

•  “One bad apple spoils the pie” – i.e.…Ralph Lauren & Izod stories

•  It requires legal and governmental registry to protect ones rights — i.e.…Coca-Cola and Honda story

•  Licensing strategy requires “INTEGRATION” within one’s corporate Business Plan”

•  It must reflect the Corporate Brand, the Corporate Image, the Corporate Quality, the Corporate Target Consumer’s Core Values, the Corporate Target Audiences Passion & Connection with the Brand which is defined by your business plan. 

•  Licensing must be “Authentic” to the brands core. It’s our belief the brands like TRD lost sight of its core and licensed to vendors not setting the same standard as the corporation set out as its original brand strategy, which affected the overall brand. 

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