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Tech trends where are we heading?

  Key Tech Trends: Where Do Marketers Go From Here? CMO EXCLUSIVES | July 06, 2015 by Mark Asher Head of Market Intelligence & Strategy Adobe The shift to mobile. Billions of devices. Big data. Virtual reality. These concepts are common parts of marketers’ everyday language. They also underscore many of our recent...

Vizualizing the fifth dimension of Marketing

As marketers it is our challenge to be creative, investigative, and diligent in our search for how to best connect with our customers.   This article takes a different approach, but tells the same compelling story that The Page Group presents to its customers daily.   In the search for...

5 things I know about marketing.

As Ann so aptly points out todays marketing is a challenging environment.   We need to ask questions, challenge the tools we have available to use, be proactive in connecting with our customers, listen to them, take risks but measure their results, be creative but don’t talk over your consumers,...