Strategic Business Modeling

 How does The Page Group Develop Strategic Business Models?

Brands and Social Media

In today’s marketing and brand structure social media has become central to many strategies, but The Page Group believes that social media must be analyzed to assure that it brings with it value that builds our brand connections with the core consumer.   It further must be done so with a real goal and strategy in mind.

Many business follow the trends investing hundreds and even thousands of dollars into chasing the new fad without understanding the core relationship necessary to be successful in pursuing that strategy.   We are seeing today that although Social Media is the dominant buzz word in marketing that in many cases there is no business strategy tied to the program. The company is just following the trend or fad.   There is no measurement of results.   There is no understanding of how it is going to enhance the brand and its brand connection to the core audience of the brand.  We don’t see opportunities to activate some action on behalf of the customer.   072703 014Nor, have they looked at the fundamentals of what is the ROI on an investment into staff, technology, and support for some social media efforts.   The Page Group focus on the core strategy first, understanding the fundamentals that MUST BE Achieved before an investment is made.    Identifying how this strategy is going to perform, and how it is going to enhance that relationship.  In some cases we will find that Social Media is not right for every business.   But when the trigger for developing a strong social media campaign is reached then we know we have the strategy in place, the measurement tools ready to read results, and the activation plans in place to build an opportunity for a true ROI on the investment made into the space.   Not just another expense item on the balance sheet.

Creating a Vision / Strategic Business Modeling and Planning

What business are you in?  Many companies can’t answer that question.  We start here.  In order to work with any client, we must be intimately familiar with your business – and with your competitors.  We must clearly understand what business you are in.  Without this focus and understanding, we are of no help to you.

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Next we need to know your customer.  The heart of any brand strategy evaluation and development focus on your core consumer, and how we can connect your brand more closely to that consumer so we can build a brand connection with them.   The Consumer, identifying your true consumer, and clearly researching how that consumer relates, connects, and becomes a brand advocate for your firm is critical to your long-term brand success.

Through its more than 16 years of client and corporate life, The Page Group management team has logged years of valuable on-the-job, hands-on experience in senior management and marketing positions in a broad variety of businesses with global 1000 companies.   We have worked in the best companies and now we represent the best companies on the planet.

Our goal is to become a part of your business process – to be intimate with all aspects of your business.  How else can we help you?

The Page Group has worked at the highest level of marketing and business development for both global, multi-national organizations as well as start-ups. We understand the challenges companies have in adapting to new business conditions.  We create and write – with our clients – business plans, strategic marketing plans, and brand plans.

In some cases, The Page Group serves as the primary facilitator of the planning process and helps executives formulate their strategies and specific action plans (tactics). The Page Group is often retained to facilitate the planning process and will create the planning document for executive review.

We are also specialists in conducting one- and multi-day planning seminars – for non-profit and for-profit organizations.  These seminars are structured in such a way as to give the organization a planning platform.  Our team conducts in-depth, confidential interviews with key executives that serve as the foundation for the seminar – and works with each executive in preparing for their seminar presentations.

Brand analysis, evaluation, and brand development 

branding_iron - Version 2Perhaps no area of a client’s enterprise is more important than building brand equity.  Often misunderstood, brands are the company’s most important asset.  The Page Group assists companies through a variety of brand-enhancing programs to build the client brand equity.  Based on baseline research, The Page Group helps develop the brand vision,

We assist in designing the brand management platform, identifying and analyzing the brand reality, and creating programs that enhance the brand value, both internally and externally.  Among the brand-building programs, The Page   Group offers focused reviews and programs on the following:

• Analyzing brand equity and your brand’s ROI

• Developing your brand strategies

• Developing new brands

• Creating your brand identity system

• Developing and implementing a brand management system

Marketing research and analysis 

Without question, research is key to any client’s future.  The Page Group assists clients in developing baseline research, comprehensive SWOT analyses, and external competitive and customer research.  Utilizing our strategic partners’ experience and expertise, we can provide full-service research — from focus group to intercepts to in-the-field research, The Page Group establishes research goals in line with client business and brand planning objectives and helps implement and analyze research data.  The Page Group has experience in both consumer products and services, and brand analysis in many different categories.

Online Business development and execution  

The Page Group principals were early adopters and pioneers in online business planning and e-commerce.  Partnering with the premier online technology, creative, and design professionals, we assist clients in devising their Web strategies to maximize this critical and important channel.  The Page Group can assist your company in developing its e-commerce strategy and creating the online dynamic presence your firm requires.

Lectures and Informational Seminars

The Page Group is one of the leading consultancies Brand Strategy, Licensing and Client development.   Robert Page is one of the foremost speakers and lecturers on global brand and licensing trends and technology at campus here on the west coast.  We work with a variety of affiliated partners and experts, and help clients formulate strategic plans related to how to build a better brand relationship with their core consumer thru a turn key package of services.

Workshops, seminars, lectures, and speaking 

The Page Group conducts corporate and client workshops and seminars on a variety marketing topics – branding, marketing, in-store marketing, and direct marketing.  Robert Page was named the Distinguished Instructor 2007 for UCLA Extension University, where he has been on its faculty since 1996.  He is also an Adjunct Professor for the University of Redlands.



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