Your Brand Strategy

Building an Effective Brand Silo enhances your connection with your consumer

When first evaluate clients customers and brands to assure that their Brand Silo is properly in focus, and that the clients brand has a consistent brand message, and connection, between the brand and the consumer.   We want to assure that ta consistent brand philosophy is presented throughout the corporation at every touch point with their consumer.

The Brand Silo is where we manage the core brand message, and evaluate all the Brand connecting points to your core customer.

The Page Group focus’s on making sure there is a consistent brand message developed and executed across all touch points within what we call the corporate “Brand Silo”.    This Brand Silo run’s vertically through an organization and reflects where a company stores its Brands DNA, and where the consumer comes in contact with the brand, its brand message, and has a direct connection to the brand itself (both from internal and external connections).

We further believe that the strongest brands in the marketplace are those that have developed their brand strategy and have very closely aligned it with their fundamental business strategy.  They then leverage that connection to truly communicate to the marketplace who and what they are as a brand to their audience.

The alignment of Brand and Business Strategies will impact the maximum value that your company may achieve in this competitive marketplace, and help to differentiate your company, brand, and products more clearly from the competition.

Goal in Brand Development: 

To create a believable brand story that aligns itself with the business principals of your company while remaining relevant to your audience, and builds a “Brand Connection” between you and your customer (B2B or B2C)

Goal with respect to your “Brand Silo: 

To make sure that every place that your company touches or influences the consumer presents your core brand message (your Brand DNA) in a consistent, relevant, and effective way to support the values that the consumer has associated with your brand.  Failure to do so even once can immediately affect your relationship with the consumer in a negative way.


Let’s examine some of the touch points typically seen in a companies Brand Silo: 


TPG Brand Silo