Robert J. Page “Bob” / Los Angeles, CA

Robert J. Page “Bob”, Los Angeles:

Founder / principal consultant / leader of this team of executives:

Bob brings to this company extensive branding, licensing, new product launch, strategic planning and implementation skills.   A passionate branding visionary who has built his skills through the development, and bringing to market, of numerous campaigns over the years.  A graduate of the University of Minnesota majoring in marketing, business management, and economics, Mr. Page has been engaged in marketing, brand, strategic planning and licensing development for over 30 years.    His  efforts in bringing new products to a successful launch, and leading sales & marketing have included his executive management roles with Levi Strauss, Union Bay, and BUM Equipment.    He has owned and operated companies such as Coca-Cola Brand Clothes / Berleca USA LLP, American Motorcycle Co. 1902 LLC., and the Page Group as well.    A passionate speaker on the world of branding and frequent guest lecturer at UCLA and University of Redlands schools of business, and an executive who loves introducing executives to the critical relationship brands bring to the successful growth of enterprise.    This successful track record is reflected in the clients, numerous awards for marketing, sales, and product development that he has received.

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