Licensing Strategy

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Licensing strategy is key to its success

•  Creates the “LIEFSTYLE ATTRIBUTES” that influence/identify the consumer with those brands that the consumer perceives reflects positively on them.

•  Must be CONSISTENT to the Business Model / Business Plan of the brand and it must have focus

•  It requires a consistency of message to the consumer, consistency of quality, image, value, distribution, merchandising, advertising, messaging, and other corporate attributes. 

•  Requires DILIGENCE to maintain the “INTEGRITY OF THE BRAND”

•  “One bad apple spoils the pie” – i.e.…Ralph Lauren & Izod stories

•  It requires legal and governmental registry to protect ones rights — i.e.…Coca-Cola and Honda story

•  Licensing strategy requires “INTEGRATION” within one’s corporate Business Plan”

•  It must reflect the Corporate Brand, the Corporate Image, the Corporate Quality, the Corporate Target Consumer’s Core Values, the Corporate Target Audiences Passion & Connection with the Brand which is defined by your business plan. 

•  Licensing must be “Authentic” to the brands core. It’s our belief the brands like TRD lost sight of its core and licensed to vendors not setting the same standard as the corporation set out as its original brand strategy, which affected the overall brand.