Brand Analysis, Evaluation & Brand Development

Perhaps no area of a client’s enterprise is more important than building brand equity.  Often misunderstood, brands are the company’s most important asset.  The Page Group assists companies through a variety of brand analysis and brand-enhancing programs / strategies that build clients brand equity.  Based on baseline research, The Page Group uses its brand analysis strategies to help develop the brand vision, establishes the Companies Brand DNA, communicates it to all stake holders inside the organization, and works with the departments to help them communicate that same brand DNA to their customers at every touch point that they have with their consumers throughout the organization.   Branding must be consistent to avoid confusion with the customer.   If a core value of your brand is customer service then it must reflect that everywhere from answering the phone to how each department works with your customers (even your wholesale and supplier customers)

We assist in designing the brand management platform, identifying and analyzing the brand reality, and creating programs that enhance the brand value, both internally and externally.  Among the brand-building programs, The Page   Group offers focused reviews and programs on the following:

Brand Analysis and Brand Development consists of the following:

• Analyzing brand equity and your brand’s ROI

• Developing your brand strategies

• Developing new brands & Evaluating existing

• Building your Brand DNA

• Communicating that DNA throughout the organization

• Building a Brand story that reflects your DNA in your marketing programs

• Establish that at every touch point a consumer has with your organization they receive the same Brand DNA

• Creating your brand identity system

• Developing and implementing a brand management system