F&S Gourmet Foods Signs License with National Brand Company

May 24th, 2015,


The Page Group is very proud to announce the signing of a major new national grocery brand license for its client F&S Gourmet Foods, Costa Mesa, CA.   Details of the license, partnership, shall not be released until the product is introduced into the market sometime this fall season.  

F&S Gourmet foods manufactures refrigerated protein meats, chicken, pork, beef, and turkey products under several brand names inclusive of their house brand Sabatino’s.  

The company has been in business for the past twelve years largely distributing to the big box stores nationally.   The initial growth of the company came thru distribution on QVC where Jimmy Sabatino created an exciting story talking of his Italian heritage and the great experience that food brings every family.   The company was founded on the heritage of the Sabatino’s family restaurants in Chicago and Newport Beach producing the highest quality protein products using the best ingredients, focused on flavor/taste, and driven by a quality product for a busy family lifestyle.    

F&S Gourmet is extremely proud of this new partnership, and is excited to bring to the marketplace a nationally recognized brand with the highest quality meat protein products available on the shelf today.   Goals are to expand nationally within all grocery channels in a focused and effective way while building a highly effective brand campaign that captures audience thru clear messaging, amazing flavors, and healthier choices for the family center of plate entree.  

The following are some of the fine products already produced by F&S’s brand Sabatino’s.   They can be found in Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart, and other fine grocery’s across the country. 


F&S Gourmet Foods / Sabatino's  - Roasted Garlic Meatballs

F&S Gourmet Foods / Sabatino’s – Roasted Garlic Meatballs

F&S Gourmet Foods / Sabatino's  - 12oz_BaconCheddar

F&S Gourmet Foods / Sabatino’s – 12oz_BaconCheddar

F&S Gourmet Foods / Sabatino's  - Spinach Asiago

F&S Gourmet Foods / Sabatino’s – Spinach Asiago

F&S Gourmet Foods / Sabatino's  - Chicken Breast

F&S Gourmet Foods / Sabatino’s – Chicken Breast