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Optimizing your marketing strategy is key

Optimizing our marketing programs is a critical part of everything we do.  This requires constant attention, and a firm understanding of the changing patterns of behavior by our audience, but sometimes to much analysis can impact the effectiveness of what we do as well.   So yes stay on focus...

Market Intelligence is important to understand and define.

    The Importance Of Market Intelligence For CMOs POSTED 5 DAYS AGO BY STEVE OLENSKI as seen in: B2B Marketing Insider For CMOs (chief marketing officers), market intelligence about their consumer base is an exceedingly important part of developing positive customer relationships, increasing leads, and creating a life-long customer base. Equally as important as...

Marketing Trends for 2014

CMO posts their perspective of the Top 11 Marketing Trends For 2014 MARKET RESEARCH CMO EXCLUSIVE | December 18, 2013 By Mercedes M. Cardona, Contributing Writer, CMO.com Could the digital dust be ready to settle? After the explosion of mobile and social media during the past two years, 2014 is shaping up...