Market Research & Strategic Consulting

TPG’s team brings together years of experience across operating departments, business platforms, sales channels, and operational experience.   We come from public and private enterprise.  We have entrepreneurs as well as long-term employee’s of fortune 1000 companies.   We bring skills like no other team in crafting unique strategies that build better bottom lines for our clients.

Strategic Counseling: It all starts here…with years contributing to the fiscal growth of various corporations TPG now focus on providing our clients with complete strategic and brand counseling.  It begins first with the evaluation and due diligence of the business unit to identify clearly the short and long term strategies of senior management, then evaluating how the departments and divisions are positioning themselves to be effective in meeting those objectives, and finally working to develop and implement the strategic plans necessary to succeed in the successful attainment of those goals.   Every project begins here…

TPG offers attitudinal research on an existing brand, assess new product opportunities, evaluate market relevance, define new customer categories, challenge marketing and event strategies for effectiveness, evaluate new hidden market opportunities, review brand message and communication throughout the organization, review licensing opportunities to protect brand and generate revenues, evaluate web / eCommerce brand relevance and connections, and more…

A Partial List of TPG Consulting Services: 

    • Corporate Identity / Logo / Brand Messaging
    • Brand Strategy / Positioning
    • Strategic Planning and Implementation
    • Licensing Review, Channel, and Strategy Analysis
    • Research, Survey’s, Reviews, and Analytics Oversight
    • Brand Audits
    • Channel and Category Analysis
    • Campaign Planning
    • Corporate Communication
    • Build Blue Sky Value for Corporations thru effectively building Brand Loyalty and Consumer Connections to Brand
    • Customer Loyalty Reviews / Consumer Research / Mystery Shopping
    • Staffing and engagement studies




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